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Sharing An Excerpt

“I’d rather tell you by my actions and not just by word of mouth. You deserve more than me, Ben. What you deserve only God can give to you.”

“Then I guess he has given to me what I deserve. He has given me you.”

“Aww, Ben! See, that is what I am talking about. You say and do the sweetest things that make my heart flutter. You are beautiful, baby, and I love you!” Marie was feeling nostalgic and sentimental all at the same time.

A couple sitting in front of them had been listening to Marie and Ben’s conversation. It was not intentional, but they just happened to be sitting in close proximity on the plane and could hear most of the conversation. They were an older couple and the man turned around in his seat to speak to the young lovebirds.

The man spoke to Ben and Marie and said, “Keep that love for each other locked away from the thieving hands of this worldly place we live in. God makes no mistakes and whatever He creates is a reflection of Him! You two are beautiful, and to hear the love you have for each other is inspiring and it reminds me why I love my wife so much. We have been married for forty years. My name is Willie and her name is Verlee. We got married at a young age and we have been together all this time, still in love with each other.”

“Thank you, sir! My name is Marie and this is Ben. Your wise words mean a lot to us. I have a question. How were you able to keep your love from getting stale or from falling out of love with each other?” asked Marie. She noticed the man was very handsome and was aging really well. His wife was pretty as well and she was turned around now just as her husband was.

“Let me answer this one, Willie. First and foremost, you have to learn to respect one another in all you do. Learn to appreciate each other for your differences and do not just focus on the things you have between each other that are similar. Become each other’s friend to be able to communicate openly without boundaries dictating the amount of communication you two have between each other. Lastly, always remember to make time for each other, creating a world within a world that only you two know about,” advised Verlee.

This sounded familiar to Ben and Marie as they had created their world at the very start.

“And I can see that you two will have enough to worry about because of this world, but remember that this world does not love you in the way God does. It is not supposed to because of sin. So you two will need to have Agape Love for each other,” Willie witnessed to them.

Knowing very well what the man was alluding to, Ben said, “I appreciate your wisdom. It is something that needs to be heard by the both of us.”

“How many children do you all have?” asked Marie.

“We have seven children. Blessed with five girls and two boys who gave us countless grandchildren that we adore,” Verlee replied.

“Wow, that IS a blessing! God has been good to you, Mr. and Mrs. …” Ben said, searching for their last names.

“Johnson is our last name, but for you two in this conversation, please call me Willie and my wife Verlee,” answered Willie.

“Where are you two flying to?” asked Verlee.

“We are on our way to his parents’ house in North Carolina,” answered Marie.

Verlee noticed that neither one of the young couple had on a wedding ring and asked, “Is your first time meeting them, Marie?”

“Yes, it is. We just left my parent’s house. He met my parents for the first time as well,” answered Marie.

“Son, I know that had to be difficult for you. Glad to see you are still in good spirits and that your love for this pretty lady is unwavering,” Willie said to Ben.

Ben looked Willie in his eye and said,” You have no idea.”

“We did not mean to disturb you and I know you two want to get back to finishing your conversation, but let me leave you with this word of advice. Do not let your love for each other be invaded by hate or discrimination. When I look at you two, I see no difference. Only thing I see is the love between you two. Everyone will not see it this way, so make sure your love is impenetrable by fortifying it with the love of God. He is your only answer. As long as He is in between you two, LOVE will never fade or get stale. It will only multiply in meaning and endure any adversity. You two enjoy the rest of the flight and it was nice to meet the both of you,” Verlee witnessed.

“Thank you, Mr. Willie and Mrs. Verlee. That was special and I really appreciate your kind and true words. Thank you, and you enjoy the flight as well,” Ben said.

The older couple turned around back in their seats. Ben and Marie looked at each other and stared deeply into each other’s eyes. They did not know what the future had in store for them, but it did not matter because they had each other. As they continued to look deeply into each other’s eyes, they communicated their thoughts for each other by the glow their eyes had for each other. Even though not a word was spoken verbally, their eyes told each other exactly what they were feeling. Love, loyalty, honesty, and commitment were in their eyes while expectations were in their hearts. They expected each other to be exactly what they both needed, and that was one another.

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