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A Teaser...

Here is a brief synopsis of my upcoming book. I hope you find it intriguing and look forward to reading more.


"The night was young and vibrant with opportunity. For her, it was a chance to unwind after a long work week at the law firm. For him, it was a chance to spend time with his best friend while listening to the sounds of good music. Neither, Ben nor Marie, had any idea that fate would bring the both of them together that night. Drawn to each other like a moth to a flame, their journey into love began.

Their relationship will become young, ambitious and optimistic no matter the trial or tribulation they will face but will that be enough. Secrets, biases as well as hatred threaten to destroy Ben and Marie's future together and that is just when dealing with each other’s family. What about the world outside of their families which may never approve of their love and alienate them from society?

Is their love built to last and withstand all they will face? Or will they allow their families and society to dictate to them who they should love? Whatever the storm they are about to face, Ben and Marie will overcome it with their relationship intact or at least they hope their love will be enough to remain together."

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