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Author D. Brown

A Talented Author

Hello and welcome to my website. I’m an accomplished Author with a unique writing style that provides a reading experience unlike any other. I’m so appreciative and delighted by the positive responses my work has received, and I want to foster that connection with a wider audience. I’m looking forward to sharing my future stories as they come to fruition.

"The night was young and vibrant with opportunity. For her, it was a chance to unwind after a long work week at the law firm. For him, it was a chance to spend time with his best friend while listening to the sounds of good music. Neither, Ben nor Marie, had any idea that fate would bring the both of them together that night. Drawn to each other like a moth to a flame, their journey into love began..."


My Story

D. Brown was born in Lawton, Oklahoma. As a child of military parents, he grew up with a diversity that has shaped his writing style as well as cultivated his love of literature. After attending the University of Arkansas where he earned a Bachelor of Liberal Arts degree and a Master of Public Administration degree, he moved to Texas to pursue a career with a government agency. After years of working in the public and private sector, D.Brown desired more out of life and decided to pursue his ultimate dream. Having always been a natural writer, he made the transition into becoming a published author. 

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